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We believe in bee relocation not extermination. Have a hive or swarm on your property?

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Bee Removal and relocation

Removal & Relocation

We love bees and do our best not to harm them during the relocation process. Swarms are generally a quick and easy job. Barn, home, or tree hive relocations often result in a bit of honey depending on the time of year. If you have a bee hive or swarm that you would like removed and relocated call us today.

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Our bees make the best honey in Texas. Our hives are located in-between two organic farms providing a life of luxury for our bees. We use traditional extractions methods and make honey in small batches. All honey is raw and unfiltered.

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Need some help or advice with your hives? Are you new to beekeeping? We would love to help you.

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Kinfolk honey - marble falls beehive removal relocation

Relocation #Savethebees

We received a call from some folks in Marble Falls about a beehive they had in a shed on the back of their property. The home owner said they thought the hive had only been there a couple years. Check out this monster honeycomb! …
Horseshoe Bay Bee Removal

Horseshoe Bay Bee Removal

It's swarm season in Central Texas.  As bees outgrow their hive large groups leave to form a new home. This is called a swarm. Swarms are calm and will not hurt you if left alone. We received a call from a wonderful Horseshoe Bay couple about…

Marble Falls Bee Removal

This small beehive was located in a water meter box in in Marble Falls, Texas and we had the joy of safely removing the bees. These bees were so gentle our suits weren't really even needed. The property owner had noticed bees for a few months…